Sephora’s New Bots: What are Chatbots and Why do they Matter?


Chatbots have roared onto the retail scene and businesses can’t create and implement them fast enough.

What are they? A Chatbot is a technological service, powered by rules and often times artificial intelligence, that a consumer can interact with via any major chat platform such as Facebook Messenger, Slack or even mobile texts. Some of the ways chatbots can be utilized are:

  • Weather. Get an update on the weather whenever asked.
  • Grocery. Get help with picking out and ordering groceries for the week.
  • News. Stay on top of current events.
  • Life advice. Get help coming up with solutions to life’s problems.
  • Personal finances. Manage your money better.
  • Scheduling. Set a meeting with someone through Messenger on Facebook.

Why do chatbots matter?

Believe it or not, any business can create their own chatbots. As BI Intelligence reports, for the first time ever, consumers are using messenger apps more than they are using social networks.

As a result, businesses are turning to chatbots in droves, in a bid to meet consumers where they’re the most comfortable – on messaging platforms. Businesses looking to interact online with their customers and create a flawless e-commerce experience should definitely look into creating a chatbot

Sephora’s new bot

Sephora’s Virtual Artist application, launched earlier this year, allows online customers to virtually “try on” various beauty products. The virtual assistant also provides step-by-step tutorials for applying makeup. The retailer even developed a version of the Virtual Artist for popular messaging platform, Kik, allowing users of the app to send pictures of themselves in different beauty products for recommendations. Since the launch of the Virtual Assistant, Sephora has created two new bots for Facebook Messenger. The Reservation Assistant allows consumers to book appointments for makeovers at Sephora locations nationwide. The second bot, Color Match, works with the Virtual Artist as a shade matching tool, scanning user-submitted images and using the store’s inventory for reference. Color Match was developed in partnership with Modiface, which builds augmented reality tools for beauty-focused apps.

Ultimately, Making the choice to use these technologies not only adds value for customers, but increases customer connection and satisfaction. As most businesses know, when customers are happy, they shop, and revenue grows as a result.

Jill England

Jill England

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