Behind Princess Diana’s Iconic Hairstyle and More Royal Style Secrets Customers Will Love


Ever since Kate Middleton first showed up on our radar as a potential addition to the royal family back in 2001, we’ve been obsessed with her looks. Classic but flirty, Middleton looked the part before she took the oath. She stuns as she travels the world with a perfectly coifed chocolate brown mane. Whether she’s reading to Canadian children or smelling flowers… even while nine months pregnant, Middleton is elegant.

But Princess Kate isn’t the first time we’ve taken style cues from the Royal family. They’ve got nearly as long a history of ruling the country as they do the fashion and beauty industry.


Princess Diana’s iconic bob

Did you know Princess Diana’s short haircut was a bit of an accident? In her former stylist’s new book, Hair by Sam McKnight, he recalls how the now famous bob came to be. The hair connoisseur – who is also responsible for the locks of stars like Madonna and Tilda Swanson – wanted to mix it up for a photo shoot Diana was to appear in. He decided to under-pin her then long hair into a temporary ‘short cut’ for the day. It turned out Princess Diana loved it and asked McKnight to cut it immediately after the shoot.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton get married (that dress)

When the pair wed in 2011 on a sunny April day, Middleton wore a stunning lace dress. The applique on the dress was handmade by Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace, and the needles had to be replaced every three hours. The seamstresses replacing them were required to wash their hands every 30 minutes throughout the day so as not to soil the dress when touching it.

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The Queen and Prince Charles recent Royal Portrait

The Queen, now 90 years old, stole the show in the latest royal portrait. With her teal floral dress, sleek hair, and pearl accessories, she looked like… well, royalty.

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