Personal Care and Beauty Launch Wrap-up: The Cream of the Crop

While it is indeed only Thursday, because of tomorrow’s holiday we’re already giving you our Best of Personal Care and Beauty week;so you have some curated reads for the plane ride or journey home to family. We hope you enjoyed the incredible stories and brands we introduced you to over the course of the week as part of our celebration that this category now exists in a big and beautiful way in Hubba.

Hopefully you’ve found out about the more innovative products in the range of categories that encompass Beauty – everything from luxury skincare to essential oils for haircare and gorgeous eye shadows – and that you have begun connecting to the brand owners directly on Hubba to find out how to carry the product in your retail store (whatcha waiting for?).

With that, here are our faves from the week:



#1. PEEK Beauty founder Cristina Bartolucci discovered how to use Instagram to find customers and make a name for her beautiful line of makeup that is cruelty-free, gluten-free and drama-free. Read on to find out about this smart Hubba brand making waves in the industry. Read it now.

#2. Smaller and niche brands drive exclusivity that consumers crave which is why we rounded up a collection of our favorite cosmetic brands with experiential products. Read it now.

#4. As an experienced makeup artist for years, Jennifer Paulson Lee knew there was a better way to eliminate the potential risk of a contaminated brush and all that wasted product. Hear why she was inspired to created something new and what it felt like to gain major media attention for LashControl Read it now.

#3. Merz Apothecary is a 141 year old pharmacy with an exquisite range of bath and beauty products. Find out how they seek out the most remarkable products on the market. Read it now.

#5. Learn about the hot new trends Beauty Blogger Amber Katz of Rouge 18 is seeing (hint: brows, lip tints, contouring, tinted treatments and masks all having their moment). Read on to hear about how she discovers new products, what she looks for and what key items go into a personal kit. Read it now.