Niche Makeup and Fragrance Products Driving Exclusivity for Discerning Consumers

As the Economist notes, “the desire to be beautiful is as old as civilisation” and indeed, makeup and fragrance makes up a huge slice of this multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Smaller and niche brands drive exclusivity that consumers crave which is why we rounded up a collection of our favorite cosmetic brands with experiential products.

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1. Featured in ELLE Canada, FLARE Magazine, Chatelaine Magazine, The Marilyn Denis Show, The Shopping Channel, Boxx Cosmetics offers a line of affordable, high quality cosmetics and accessories that are compact, luxurious and beautiful.
2. Demeter Fragrance makes over 300 linear fragrances inspired by real life objects or experiences, that can be layered to create custom fragrances.

3. PEEK Beauty products are gluten free, cruelty free and “just natural enough.”

4. Grab a fab little ‘freeze and go’ Cool-it Caddy to take with you anywhere to keep your makeup, sunscreen, medications or a healthy snack cool and fresh!

5. Bella Lash offers a range of products to help eyelash extensions last longer along with high quality Volume Touch Mascara that is the thickest and most voluptuous mascara of their patented IntelliSystem.

6. Abel Organics creates 100% organic eau de parfum, fragrance infused with natural ingredients.

7. tre’StiQue simplifies the beauty routine for real women with multi-functional, 2-in-1 products for everyday, wherever she goes.

8. LashControl is a rich BLACK mascara in a unique patented, award-winning mascara tube – You control how much mascara is on your brush every time you use it. Simply squeeze as you pull the brush out and excess formula stays in the tube for perfect lashes every time.