Nature vs. Nurture: Olay Goes Beyond Skin Deep to Improve Their Anti-Aging Products


Last year, the global skin care market had an estimated worth of nearly $121 billion. Over the past decade, the industry has seen significant growth in millennial consumers, ultimately resulting in a boost in popularity of anti-aging brands. These products now make up one of the market’s largest segments, generating just over $2 billion in 2015.

One such brand is Olay Regenerist, a leading U.S. skin care brand whose sales amounted to $103 million in 2014. In an effort to get to know their female consumers better, Olay recently partnered up with genomics company, 23andMe, and surveyed 155,000 participants in a study identifying the major factors associated with skin aging.

The results are in!

In response to the age-old debate, nature vs. nurture, Olay researchers found that consumers actually have a much bigger hand in the way their skin ages than previously thought. More specifically:

  • Women who almost always used sunscreen were 78% more likely to age well
  • Women who reportedly had a positive attitude towards themselves were 30% more likely to age well
  • Women who frequently tanned were 35% less likely to age well
  • Women who consistently suffered from dry skin were 30% less likely to age well

The study also revealed things like high activity and energy levels, living in an urban area, regular exercise, eight or more hours of sleep a night, multi-vitamins, and “high self-rated health” contributed positively to skin’s aging pattern. Whereas things like smoking cigarettes and a body mass index of over 25 had a negative impact on skin’s age.

Build a better product

“These findings are incredibly exciting because they show that women can actively take beauty into their own hands,” said Dr. Frauke Neuser, Principal Scientist at Olay Skin Care, P&G in a statement. “In this study, having skin that looks exceptionally young – ageless – was not down to luck; genetics plays some role, but factors within women’s control have larger effects. Future genomics and genetics research might enable us to provide increasingly personalized services and product solutions for women around the world.”

Olay was so inspired by their findings (and you should be too!) that they’ve since made some key changes to some of their best-selling products. The brand found that products containing

Carob Seed Extract, Carnosine or increased antioxidants were “shown to deliver visible results and youthful looking skin.” Personal care and beauty brands looking to launch a new product need only look to the above information to see what their assortment is missing. After all, once Olay’s study is presented at this year’s AAD Annual Meeting, it will only be a matter of time before consumers are scrambling to find the next best anti-aging  sunscreen with a healthy dose of these ingredient to add to their daily skin care regime!

Dayana Cadet

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