#HubbaStories: For Australia’s Leading Beauty Subscription Box, Many Brand Partnerships Start with Hubba


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From its humble beginnings as the first ever subscription beauty business based in Australia, Lust Have It! is one of 15 successful businesses sitting under the Lux Group umbrella (a company that acquired the brand back in 2015), boasting a database of about 7 million customers.

While the company has roots in Australia, Lust Have It! has no problem taking on premium international brands. This is an especially great opportunity for a craft beauty brand looking to gain international recognition with the support of a renowned retailer. “We tend to work with brands trying to enter the Australian market,” explains Daniel Kitay, General Manager.

“We act as a promotional agency for them in a sense […] and we’ll push their products into Australia. Once the brands see the kind of figures we’re giving them, they always want to keep working with us. It’s a really small investment to give us samples because they know between brand awareness or just post sales, they’re going to win.”

While partnering with such a major retailer is most definitely a win-win, both for the participating brands and Lust Have It!, trying to build and maintain so many brand relationships can get overwhelming – even for a million-dollar business.

How Hubba Helped

Brand Manager Athena Davidson is responsible for identifying overseas brands that haven’t yet entered the Australian market. “She’s largely responsible for getting in touch with those organizations, having a discussion with them and starting a relationship.” As many business owners can attest to, it can be time consuming trying to make dozens, even hundreds of connections. Hubba makes it easier for retailers like Lust Have It! to find and connect with brands like yours by personalizing their search, and constantly putting relevant brands on their radar. “[With Hubba] She doesn’t need to source [brands] one by one. It’s really just like a marketplace or, you know, a Facebook or LinkedIn social platform [that enables her to] start relationships. I think it’s a really good space for people to start a conversation.”

If you’re a beauty brand interested in getting discovered by retailers like Lust Have It! (and potentially break into international markets), Hubba’s Accelerate program gives you the best opportunity to do so. As the world’s largest B2B discovery network, with over 7,000 retailers and counting, we set you up and help you stand out, so that you can put your best foot forward.

Be sure to connect with Daniel or Athena on Hubba!