#HubbaStories: This Beauty Retailer Stocks All Natural Brands Handpicked from Hubba

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Be Pure Beauty prides itself on only carrying the best in green beauty. For founder April Manring, discovering brands that fit these requirements used to mean turning to Google. Today, April turns to Hubba to provide an abundance of brands she didn’t know existed. With thousands of products to choose from, April can pick through a curated list, or even connect with influencers in the Hubba community who can suggest products that meet her needs.

April’s passion for green beauty stems from her time as a makeup artist, where she began to see the poor health effects the toxins commonly found in cosmetics could have on one’s body. Believing that consumers shouldn’t have to compromise their values for a great product, she launched Be Pure Beauty.

How Hubba Helped

Hubba’s network facilitates thousands of retail connections every day between brands, retailers and influencers. For a retailer like Be Pure Beauty, discovering new brands and influencers to work with is easy. Using Hubba, April was able to unearth brands she felt perfectly aligned with Be Pure Beauty’s values, such as CreekBaby and Honeybee Gardens, and she’s even made connections with beauty bloggers like April Coleman. Through in-app messaging, April was able to reach out and begin a conversation regarding partnership without leaving the network.

“I find it a really interesting platform for seeing who’s coming up, who’s out there and who’s looking,” April explains. “It doesn’t feel like I’m looking through Facebook, as much as it feels like somebody’s taking the time to curate things that I might need to see, and I appreciate that.”

If you’re a brand interested in getting discovered by retailers like Be Pure Beauty, Hubba’s Accelerate program gives you the best opportunity to do so. As the world’s largest B2B discovery network, with over 30,000 brands, retailers, and influencers, we set you up and help you stand out, so that you can put your best foot forward.

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