Could Hipsters Be Changing the Face of Men’s Grooming?


Hipster men are usually thought of as bearded or unkempt, when in reality it takes great time and care to cultivate their image. In fact, hipsters are driving the Men’s grooming market – here’s how.

A hipster is usually described as wearing Chuck Taylors, an American Apparel t-shirt, Levi’s jeans and most definitely a beard.  Beards have become an identifying aspect of the Hipster genre. Contrary to popular belief, much care goes into cultivating a beard. Looking casual takes work, and hipsters work hard to cultivate their image. All of this time and money spent in order to look good does comes with a silver lining – hipsters are environmentally and socially conscious consumers. They are careful of what they purchase and whom they purchase from. Brands looking to impress this segment of consumers should put their best foot forward when marketing their products.

Conscious shopping

Hipsters have been called the “yuppies” of current times. Perhaps it’s their penchant for the newest gadgets and unique liquors or their ability to find the fiercest footwear. However, that’s where the similarities stop, as hipsters, unlike their 1980s counterpart, are way more environmentally-conscious, give more of their earnings to charity and are mindful shoppers who are quite selective about the places they shop. For hipsters, small batch, locally-sourced, environmentally-friendly, and cruelty-free is the way to go. They seek out brands that highlight local, organic sources with a unique story. Many men’s grooming brands have built their businesses on the loyalty of hipsters seeking out holistic, clean, and simple products.

A hipster’s favorite accessory

Hipster beards have been trending for years now and can be seen everywhere from fashion spreads, to movies, and all over social media. Grooming products with simple and natural ingredients are what drive this market – pushing past many of the larger, well known grooming brands like Gillette. The list of beard accessories is impressive: Beard Oil, Beard Softener, Beard Wash, and more.  With all of this potential, a small, relatively unknown brand can move its needle by marketing to this segment of people looking to connect with wholesome, unique products. Transparency is key here though – tell your story and how your product is more than just face balm. Perhaps your brand is socially active, and philanthropic, or a percentage of each purchase goes to a selected cause (think TOMS shoes). 

What you can do

Personal Care & Beauty retailers should look to include men’s grooming brands that speak to hipsters or those going for the same look. Organic, natural, simple, and local are all key factors when considering which brands to add to your stock. Hipsters are a loyal group of buyers. As long as you provide options to shop online and showcase natural brands with low global impact, you will open yourself up to a new group of stylish, long-term consumers.

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