Now You See It, Now You Don’t: F I R E Dye and Other Crazy Beauty Trends For 2017

Mood rings, “flip up” sequins, and now this? If you’re in the business of helping consumers to look their best, then you know that they’re just crazy for a good color-changing tactic. Color-changing hair dye is no exception.

A Hot New Trend

Inspired by ‘90s cult movie classic, The Craft, inventor Lauren Bowker has developed the world’s first color-changing hair dye. Bowker is founder of The Unseen, a London-based innovation, product development and technology licensing company.

As per The Unseen’s site, “The F I R E dye is responsive to you and your environment by changing color to passing temperature fluctuations.” Wearers of the black dye, for example, can expect it to turn red in warmer temperatures. There’s also a dye that goes from black to white, silver to powder blue, blue to white, and black to yellow. Furthermore, the dye is no more harmful than any other semi-permanent dye, and lasts over the course of several washes.

When Fashion and Beauty are at Odds

Of course, we’ve seen plenty of crazy beauty trends over the past year or so. Truthfully, it feels as though the industry is undergoing a creative renaissance. Consumers are looking for increasingly unique ways to express themselves, viewing makeup as a form of art rather than just a means to look ‘done up’.

This is especially note-worthy considering the continued casualization of the apparel industry, where consumers want to ‘dress down’ in trendy activewear and comfortable separates. New activewear brands are popping up every day while beauty businesses are making waves with cutting-edge inventions that allow consumers to express themselves in ever more flashy ways. It’s interesting to see the dichotomy between the modern apparel and beauty world, as these are two industries that typically go hand-in-hand and are on the same page.

I discuss this in more detail in the most recent episode of Bonnie Bonadeo’s show, BEaUty Inside and Out with @RetailPhil. Want to know more about what’s trending in beauty? Are you looking for leads on brands to partner with that consumers are loving right now? Need tips and advice from a gang of industry insiders? Tune in below!

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