Beauty and Skincare Spotlight: Rejuvenate Your Beauty Assortment with These Customer-Loved Trends

Skincare from the Sea

People have been using resources from the Earth’s great oceans and seas for centuries. Sea water has been used to tell what time of the year it is, to preserve goods, and for medicinal purposes since medieval times. At this point we’ve got it down to a science, like one of our favorite brands Sea Kind who harness the healing power of saltwater to make moisturizer for chemotherapy patients. VL Pure Skincare also creates a facial cleanser made from rose hip oil and seaweed so shoppers can get the best of both land and sea.

Here’s a list of our favorites from under the sea.


Perfect Oils for a Perfect Complexion

It wasn’t long ago that we were all at the beach, slathering ourselves with baby oil to get our tan on. But thanks to brands like Aloe Up, there’s now a much healthier alternative. Consumers can safely spend the day at the beach with these products, which are aloe-based and free of parabens and alcohol.

Products from Chalet Cosmetics also use oil to keep consumers looking well rested. Coconut oil and green tea extracts act as lifting agents, ensuring a fresh face when customers wake up… even before they’ve grabbed their morning coffee.

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Herbal Essences

Herbal-infused products are one of our favorite things to come from the green beauty movement. But it’s more than just the smell of lemon oil and cinnamon that’s got us raving – the health benefits of these products also pass the sniff test. US Organics body oil is packed with organic lavender and jojoba, and is sure to keep skin smooth in the dry winter months. Lindi Skin aims to bring skin damaged by chemotherapy back to good health with their products, which range from skin cooler to lip balm.

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Crazy About Charcoal

Every time I log onto social media, someone else is talking about the jaw-dropping effects of charcoal. User it to brush your teeth, as eyeliner, or a facemask – it seems like everyday, another magical property of charcoal is found. But the pros at Graydon Skincare have perfected one surprising use for this wonder-ingredient: sponges. The perfect blend of soft sponge paired with charcoal gets every last bit of dirt from the face. Ditto Cliff Original, who use it in their marbled soap to detoxify skin… and make a bathroom look darn good.

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