4 Outrageous Beauty Trends Consumers are Loving Right Now


Much like fashion and accessories, the world of personal care and beauty is subject to some pretty outlandish trends. From the runways to the internet highway, inspiration can be found in some pretty novel places.

Beauty-obsessed shoppers are constantly looking to magazines, YouTube tutorials and Instagram gurus for the next big thing to try. We put together a list of some of the craziest trends currently making waves, why consumers love them and why brands and retailers should consider following them.

Brands and retailers looking to appeal to the shopper on-the-go should seriously look into spray-on nails (also great for those with a less steady hand). Not your thing? Consumers are loving mirrored nail polish right now (after seeing it at this year’s futuristic-themed Met Gala) so consider getting in touch with your metallic side. Image via Nail Inc.

Now that the contour craze is over, those not content with simple ‘strobing’ are looking for increasingly unconventional highlighters. While Bitter Lace Beauty came out with one highlighter to rule them all with their Prism rainbow highlighter, other makeup artists are setting a trend with holographic highlighter. Image via Bitter Lace Beauty.

Looking for a way to re-brand your glitter or shadow stock? Want to tap into the early adopter consumer? Consider marketing your products as a fun way to get into this stylish new trend – ear makeup. First seen on the Anthony Vaccarello S/S 2015 Paris runway, this quirky new form of embellishment is quickly gaining popularity. Image via Vogue.com

You may have already heard of the numerous health benefits to drinking donkey’s milk but consumers looking for an easy way to a fresh face are loving what it can do for their beauty regimen. Donkey milk sheet masks are said to be hydrating, brightening and believed to help with a number of skin conditions.

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