The 4 Most Insta-Famous Personal Care and Beauty Trends of 2017


Making up just over one third of the beauty industry, skincare is forecasted to remain the most profitable product category into the near future, its market value projected to grow by $20.1 billion between 2014 and 2019.

From the consumer’s standpoint, skincare has come a long way in its positioning. Gone are the days of relying on direct sales associates and department store clerks to show them the latest and greatest. Today, social media plays a huge part in how people discover, create demand for, and ultimately consume personal care and beauty products. Think With Google has taken a look at the strongest beauty trends across three different markets (U.S., Japan, and France), but for today, we’ll focus on rising stars for U.S. consumers. Read on for the top four beauty and skincare trends in 2017!

More consumers are going vegan

With the organic personal care and beauty market expected to reach nearly $16 billion by 2020, green beauty brands are leading the conversation. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that modern consumers tend to think if something is good for their insides, it must work wonders for their skin too. That may be why the vegan skin care trend has grown by 83 percent year over year in the U.S.

Masks are taking over Instagram and Youtube

While we can probably pinpoint this particular trend’s sudden rise in popularity with the surge of Korean Beauty products in the U.S. market, masks are still having a moment. This trend is not only popular due to its efficacy (seriously, have you seen those videos?) but for how well it translates to social media. As Think With Google points out, “Whether it’s a peel full of blackheads or a bubbling mask, viewers want to see something happen. Tangible, visible results provide proof points for effectiveness.

Skincare devices are a beauty-lover’s best friend

Consumers love having the support of electronic devices to aid in their beauty routines, namely those with promises to deliver a good, deep facial scrub. This trend had its start in 2014 but has continued to grow in popularity since. As technology continues to play a larger part in the cosmetics industry, we expect to see more consumers turn to at-home devices rather than spas for all of their skincare needs.

Bath bombs are making a splash

Bath bombs are another popular beauty trend that has stormed the social scene. There seems to be no shortage of creativity when it comes the popular trend, either; consumers are increasingly looking at ways to craft personalized bathing experiences with DIY solutions and natural ingredients, according to Think With Google. Makes sense – searches for ‘bath bomb recipe’ is growing by 72 percent year over year, and ‘DIY bath bomb’ by 80 percent. What does that mean for brands? The more unique and customizable you bathing products can be, the better.

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