How 4 Revolutionary Businesses Have Redefined the Beauty Industry


Every successful entrepreneur knows when they’ve got something good going, but how does one differentiate themselves in a growing market? By solving a problem of course!

Finding your niche is a key component to building and maintaining a successful (and more importantly, scalable) business. Getting to the root of what your core consumer wants is great; figuring out what they need before they even know it themselves is even better.

It used to be that a consumer went to a salon for all of their styling needs. Nowadays, services are becoming more specialized, breaking out and becoming their own retail shops. Below are just a few examples of how some businesses have been disrupting the beauty industry at large.

Women have always had a ‘more is more’ approach when it comes to their eyelashes. From yesteryear’s powder and brush combo to today’s ‘falsies’, consumers have long since grown unsatisfied with a simple coat of mascara. Recognizing a need for long lasting lashes (i.e. extensions), companies like Blinkbar are scrambling to become the go-to of the lash-obsessed. In sum: sometimes niching doesn’t mean doing something different than everyone else but rather doing it better.

There’s been a considerable uptick in consumers looking for brow-perfecting products and services – from pencils, to tattoos and everything in between. Major retailer Sephora quickly took advantage of this trend by prominently featuring Benefit Cosmetics’ “Brow Bars” in its stores, offering customers the opportunity to pamper their brows. In sum: see a trend forming? Pounce on it! As early as a few years ago, brow bars were non-existent. Now they’ve become a retail staple.

This concept is a hot new take on your average hair salon. All of the glam and only half of the fuss, blow dry bars became an instant hit, nearly overnight. Cutting the costs of what is traditionally a pricier service and providing it in half the time makes this business model perfect for customers looking for a quick pick-me-up. In sum: get a leg up on your competition by offering what they do in just half the time.

If you thought offering consumers a fragrance that smells like dirt would send them running in the opposite direction, you’d be (surprisingly) wrong. In fact, “Dirt” is just one of Demeter Fragrances‘ best sellers. Customers are also able to custom build their own perfect scent(s). Tapping into their sense of smell (and  the feelings that come along with it) is how this brand gets to know their consumer. In sum: go ahead, be a revolutionary! Thinking outside the box is always a good idea.

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