Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Pay Her Interns, Internet Collectively Facepalms


Ivanka Trump, businesswoman and daughter of presidential candidate Donald Trump, is back in the spotlight after an article surfaced earlier this week. It’s written by an unpaid intern of the heiress, who claims to be a champion of working women.

The article proposes a number of options for supporting yourself while working for free, including saving up during the school year, taking on another part-time job, and ‘socializing cheaply’. Not only are unpaid internships illegal in NYC (unless it’s for college credit), where Ms. Trump’s headquarters are located, but there are a host of strict regulations you must abide by to employ an unpaid worker.



“The reliance on unpaid labor is in stark contrast to the Trump campaign’s effort to appeal to working class and everyday Americans” writes Leon Kaye,  business writer and communications specialist.

This isn’t the first time Ivanka has come up in the news for her questionable business practices. Italian shoemaker Aquazzura claims Ms. Trump has stolen a design and produced “cheaper knock-off versions”.

If there’s one thing we can learn from this recent media storm surrounding Ivanka Trump, it’s that you need to keep your voice consistent whenever presenting yourself to your audience.

Here are some tips to help you develop your brand story (and stick to it in every step of your business’ life cycle!)

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