Luxury Brand Salvatore Ferragamo Expands E-Commerce Site for U.S. Shoppers


Luxury Italian designer brand Salvatore Ferragamo just announced that, for the first time, they will be offering their Women’s Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear collection to the U.S. market online. Previously, only select accessories and footwear were available through the website to American shoppers. Fashion-lovers can now peruse delicately pleated dresses and boldly cut separates (in addition to the usual accessories) via a dedicated “shop the look” feature of the site before making their purchases.

As brands run in droves to make products more readily available to consumers, fashion companies, especially, are feeling the pressure’s of today’s “see now, buy now” retail trend. Frankly, the time span between watching a dress walk down the runway and having it at a client’s front door is steadily getting shorter, with brands and retailers working hard just to keep up.

While the Apparel industry has long since been an early-adopter of new digital technology and social media trends, the Luxury sector, in particular, has been lagging behind. With goods that boast a significantly higher dollar value, issues with security and proper shipping are no small matter. Add to that, the exclusivity that comes with being an upscale brand means carrying far less inventory (as, say, a fast-fashion retailer). Luxury customers also demand a premium level of quality when it comes to the presentation of these goods – a quality that cannot be 100% guaranteed when long distance shipping comes into play.

Could it be that the upscale shopper is less interested in an omnichannel experience? As per Chris Paradysz, founder and CEO of digital marketing agency PMX Agency, while we can expect more luxury brands to embrace e-commerce, stores will continue to be of premium importance for upscale fashion. Still, today’s consumer ultimately wants to shop at the push of a button. And while a certain level of personalized attention can be expected at your typical upscale designer store, that doesn’t mean that e-commerce is wholly unnecessary. As Chris explains, “You can still make it exclusive, you can still curate that experience. It can be a luxurious, exclusive experience.”

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