Dominie Luxury’s Quick Guide to Gaining a Celebrity Audience


Celebrities – whether Hollywood actors or self-made top Instagram stars – have always been considered arbiters of taste and essentially seen as the crème de la crème of Influencers. Having your brand associated with a well-known (and especially well-liked) celebrity can catapult you into the spotlight and add a major boost to your sales. In a way, getting on a celebrity’s radar is the ultimate shortcut to spreading brand awareness to a much larger audience.

Dominie Luxury’s bags have been worn by the likes of Elisha Cuthbert, Angelica Houston and Anna Gunn and the brand has grown a reputation for impeccable quality and taste. We reached out to the team and got founder Dominie Brazzel’s main tips on how to gain (and keep!) a celebrity audience in order to elevate your brand.

Dominie has worked in the costuming industry in film and television for over 25 years (including pulling clothes for the blockbuster classic, Titanic!). So how did she get into the accessories game? “It was a natural transition to design accessories for men and women,” she explains. “As a costumer, I was always looking for something special. I always wondered why other designers didn’t make the kind of bags that I had in mind. So I decided to make them myself.

“Having been in the entertainment industry, it wasn’t hard for me to get my bags on the red carpet. It was a combination of knowing some people and networking. Eventually, my publicist took the ball and ran with it.”

Of course, those without an illustrious career working alongside celebrities have other resources at their disposal. Sites like ContactAnyCelebrity, IMDbPro and WhoRepresents make it pretty easy to get in touch with celebrity publicists. Get your pitch down to a science and make sure the celebrity you’re targeting makes sense not only for your brand but for your audience as well.

While it is true that “celebs are just like us,” they still expect a level of professionalism. As per Dominie, much like your usual high-end luxury shopper, “They want the individual attention and attention to detail — the careful thought that goes into design and functionality. They all desire exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

“One of the most important parts of becoming a successful brand is customer service. I believe it is as important as the product itself. We at Dominie Luxury do our best to create a real fan base. We love meeting people and making them feel like they are the most special and important because without customers, you have no business.”

As far as Dominie is concerned, gaining a celebrity audience can be instrumental in propelling an upstart brand towards long-term success. “Brand recognition is everything. It is extremely difficult to earn your space on the shelf next to other brands who may have been around for decades. The celebrity audience is its own seal of approval.”

Indeed, celebrity endorsements can make your brand and ultimately sway the public’s perception of your product. Once you’ve locked down a star ambassador, it can be as simple as having a product seen with them on the red carpet but can go as far as having them post to their own social media with or about your product. Getting them involved signals to your consumer that even aspirational figures love your brand – and they should too!