Hubba Across America Launch Event with Live Art by Jim Mahfood and Music by VJ Peanut Butter Wolf

I am a little obsessed with Los Angeles. I love the people, the weather and of course I love Jesus…the West Hollywood Jesus to be specific. Los Angeles overflows with incredible brands, and when you meet them and they find out you work at Hubba they hug you. I’ve been told the hugs are so they can feel how tender the meat is before they eat you but being an optimist I refuse to believe that.

Knowing all of that it’s no head scratcher that we would hold our launch event there. Notice I said event and not party? That is on purpose because this wasn’t an ordinary party, this was an event.

It took place in the VIP room of the legendary Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip, featured Live Art by Jim Mahfood with Peanut Butter Wolf VJ’ing. That was the sizzle, the substance came from an amazing room full of Hubba customers, fancy influencers, friends and even a current cast member of SNL.

It was truly an unforgettable night but hosting an event wasn’t the only reason we were in LA. Except for a late night stop at Canters everything we did in LA was for, with and about our customers. As part of #hubbaAA we shot videos with Surf-Fur, Nuttzo, Superfit Hero, Facaro and met a bunch more.

Our time in LA set the tone for some customer experiences we have planned for the rest of the year so make sure you keep an eye out for our #hubbaAA twitter hashtag that will introduce you to the brands we love.

Saul Colt

Saul Colt

Saul is the Smartest Man in the World, North America's Best Word of Mouth Marketer and the Director of Non-Traditional Marketing at Hubba. Follow on twitter @saulcolt
Saul Colt