Twitter Poll Recap: The Secret Sauce to Online Conversion


There are a couple of cool things about working for Hubba. The coffee is good; the people are great; and the amount of orange in our office is unprecedented. But the best thing, we think, is learning from you guys. Every day as you message our Customer Support team, email us feedback, or even tweet us your thoughts, you’re helping us adjust our platform according to your companies’ needs, and build the best app for everyone.

First of all, thanks! Secondly, we thought it was about time we share some of what we’ve learned so you can use it too.

How a company generates customers is the secret sauce to their success, and social media is becoming a huge part of e-commerce conversion. “The average user logs in for nearly 1.7 hours every day, or 12 hours a week, according to GlobalWebIndex. By some accounts, millennials watch more YouTube than TV” writes Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootesuite – a tech giant in their own right.

More and more, we see e-commerce heavy hitters responding to that. Shopify has created an in-app integration so you can shop your favorite stores right on their Facebook Profiles. ‘Buy’ buttons are popping up everywhere.

“What’s easy to miss… is how fundamentally social media has already changed how we spend not just our time but our money.”

Yesterday, we asked you guys (via Twitter) how you turn your social media followers into shoppers. Here’s what you had to say:



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Amy Van Es

Amy Van Es

Amy is our Multimedia Specialist at Hubba. With a background in design; journalism experience; and a mounting obsession with new media theory, Amy thrives on impactful narratives, clean layouts, and lattes.

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Amy Van Es