Be part of apparel and accessories week launching soon in Hubba

Hubba—your friendly neighbourhood product discovery network—is growing! Hubba is launching a big new category February 29th: Apparel. Yep, this means that Hubba will now include the most fabulous fashion and accessories taking this industry by storm (along with all the ones shoppers already love). We want to help your brand get the spotlight it deserves—if you live and breathe fashion, you don’t want to miss Apparel Week in Hubba!

In just a few short weeks, we’ll be putting a sparkly spotlight on beautiful and noteworthy brands in the apparel world. Whether you specialize in high end sneakers or you’re all about organic denim, adding your products on Hubba means you can get in front of retailers hunting for new items to order. If you’re looking for new channels to be found, want to break in to big retail or launching a new seasonal line, Hubba is the place to make it happen. By creating a free portfolio of products in Hubba (it’s easy, promise), you’ll show retail buyers exactly what you’re capable of, provide a direct line to getting in touch with you and completely accelerate the process of getting picked up. Take that, competition.

To celebrate a new category launching in Hubba and meeting some of you amazing folks, we’re kicking it off with a new content week laser focused on championing the most interesting brands on Hubba. By signing up, you can count on being included in blog interviews, trend pieces, social media, industry news and, of course, getting attention on the trending page of

Getting discovered has never been more at your fingertips. If you’re a brand who wants to be involved, let us know as soon as possible by signing up now, primo feature spots are limited, so don’t wait!

If you’re a retailer of the apparel world, it’s the perfect time to get in touch. We’ll be highlighting trending products and asking trendspotters and retailers to participate in sharing and voting up products they love as part of our promotions. Click here to participate, and you’ll ensure access all the Apparel Week updates. See ya there!