This Just In: Hubba Introduces an Even Simpler Way to Close Deals as a Retailer


New retailers join the Hubba community every day, all looking to grow their business by finding new brands to stock. We are lucky to have the number and quality of retailers on Hubba. This provides an opportunity for us to speak with them and deeply understand their day-to-day challenges, and ultimately, how Hubba can help them work smarter.

One of the most common requests we hear from our retailers is for more brands and products for them to discover. Retail buyers are busy, and they don’t always have the time to proactively seek new brands. Then we had a thought: What if we turned the tables and allowed brands to find relevant retailers, and easily submit their products for review?

We are so excited to launch our answer to this question – the new retailer profiles. Retail profiles are specifically designed to maximize the number of new, trending products a retailer is exposed to on our network.


Welcome to your new retailer profile



“First and foremost, when you set up your retailer profile, relevant brands on Hubba can submit their products for you to review,” says Dmitriy Mitchev, who led the development team behind this new tool. Next comes the magic moment: You can view the submissions, sort them, and begin a conversation with the brands you like all in one place, and within minutes. “Brands take the first step of discovering if you’re the retailer for them,” continues Mitchev.  “You can then sort your submission into accepted, declined, and ‘maybes’.”


From in-app messaging to your shelves in just a few short weeks

“This is highly transactional, designed to make you both money and build the relationship between brands and retailers,” Mitchev says.

The quality and rate of product submissions have received high praise from the retailers involved in the pre-launch testing of the retailer profile. In a few cases, products were on retailer shelves just two weeks after they were submitted for review.


Additional features

Our submission tool isn’t the only cool feature on the retailer profile. The profile is also the right place for:

  • You to tell your story, and why you are the right retailer for craft brands
  • You to tie all your retail assets into one, including retail locations, e-commerce sites, and promotional materials
  • Brands and influencers to connect with your listed team members
  • Your social accounts to be easily accessible

“And all you have to do as a retailer is set up a profile!” concludes Mitchev. “There’s no maintenance… let us do the heavy lifting of matching brands to you, and wait for the submissions to roll in.”