New Feature Gives You Access to Everything on Hubba Network


Hubba is the world’s largest product discovery network. We built it because we care a whole lot about helping businesses connect over the incredible products they buy and sell. So hopefully you can forgive us if we get all excited when we talk about new ways to help our users find products and brands.

Last month, we redesigned and made it easier for you to find curated products, brands, influencers, and product lists that you didn’t know existed. Our Community and Content Teams collect and showcase interesting content daily to keep you in the know.

Hubba helps you discover new things even when you don’t know what you are looking for.

But what happens when you, like the many retail buyers and influencers on Hubba, are looking for products in a specific category? Sustainably-sourced wildflower honey, or microfiber drying towels for pets. This week, we launched a new feature to answer the question (and to supercharge how you discover new products and brands).



We call it Explorer, and it gives you access to everything on Hubba.

You can search through all the products, brands, users, and curated product lists in our network, along with the latest industry news and best practices. Filter using specific keywords that interest you, or focus on products within a specific category. Hubba is your oyster.

Explorer is a big deal for us, and you can trust we’ll be working hard to make sure it is the single best place on the internet to discover new stuff that matter to you and helps you grow your business.

Take it for a spin and let us know what we can do better.


Dmitriy Mitchev

Product Lead, Discovery and Explorer