Two Industry Titans Collaborate to Launch World’s Largest Product Discovery Network


As a retailer buyer, you have had to get pretty creative to find new brands. Historically, the products you carry are those who’ve participated in exclusive trade shows, had a big budget to put themselves in front of you, or happen to know you through a friend’s cousin’s sister-in-law. The only way to discover some of the more unique brands was to stumble across them through magazines, websites and random internet searches.

But there’s a cataclysmic shift happening right now. Anyone can build a category, but the most innovative buyers are creating unique merchandising assortments to stand out from the competition. It requires you to know what trends are on the cusp of breaking, and ensuring you find the interesting niche products to reflect it.

Retailers no longer want just the big brand names, but the unique ones too.

So in February, we launched the Hubba Discovery Network to drive that new paradigm.

We wanted to even the playing field between the brands to make it easier for you to discover the next big thing. Since its launch only 6 months ago, the network has doubled in size to over 20,000 brands. You want this. And we want to help you, so our network is about to double in size again!



We’ve partnered with fellow industry leader 1WorldSync to bring you the world’s largest product discovery network.

With this new collaboration, you’ll get a personalized product discovery experience catered to your individual needs and taste as a buyer, a new advanced search function, and the ability to connect with people who are going to impact your job.

Help us shift the power dynamic of the retail industry – instead of hoping to stumble across hidden gems, take control and hand-pick brands that fit your vision. By signing up for the Hubba/1WorldSync partnership, you have 24/7 access to all the best brands in the world… and the ability to easily connect and share product information with them. This is the de facto meeting place for retail.