Hubba’s Top Picks for Spring: Fabulous Seasonal Items For Your Store Display


It’s a simple fact that Hubba staff absolutely thrive on spotting the new, interesting and innovative products coming into Hubba every day. Sorry to gloat but while some folks might be ripping their fave products from magazines, our team gets the first view of the amazing product lines hitting the market, sometimes before they even hit the shelves.

With the weather turning from grey to gorgeous, we want to share what is making us go gaga for Spring:


Amy: Eye for design, good quality and sensational accessories

“I know a few things about design. And one of them is that although there are steadfast rules and things you should resolutely not do, there are also some things that just feel good to look at. Here are a few things that make me spring out of my chair for my wallet, and’ll surely make your customers do the same.”

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Dayana: Finder of fantastic and fashionable things

“Changing seasons are always a turning point in fashion and style. When I think Spring, I think pastel hues, flowy materials and a chance to finally break out your favourite pieces! Here is my list of items that will surely get consumers out of the winter blues and into a shopping mood!”

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Phil: Retail guru who knows a rocking assortment from a mile out

“The retail transition into bold spring assortments is super exciting – people are craving a sense of adventure. These products round up everything your shoppers need to go out and enjoy the fun outdoors they’ve been missing!”

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Amanda: Trendhunter of emerging brands bursting onto the scene

“For me Spring is all about freshness, color and surprise – bright prints, new designs and flashes of delight. Customers want to be romanced! They want to see things that make them dream of the lovely warm weather ahead.”

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