The Hubba Customer Tour Hits Los Angeles

What a week! A big contingent of the Hubba team is here in beautiful Los Angeles, super thrilled to be kicking off a huge customer tour across the US (you’ve no doubt heard about our @saulcolt touring the nation to meet our superstars!).

The last few days we’ve been meeting our sunny southern Californian customers in person and touring their studios, offices and workshops. As you may have seen on Twitter, these brands are insanely talented entrepreneurs and small business owners with passion galore for their products. We’re so honored to be profiling their stories in the coming days and weeks on Hubba, so stay tuned to Hubba social to follow along!

Here are some recent highlights:
– The Hubba crew visited the heroes of cold-water surfing, Surf-fur

– We were wowed by the innovative product and packaging of Organic NuttZo, the only 7 nut & seed butter in the world

– Felt the glow meeting the creators of Mommi, who are dedicated to mommy health and happiness

– Were awed and inspired to meet with the inventive and brilliant artist behind Facaro’s bike chain chandeliers

While we haven’t spotted any red carpet stars just yet, we had the celebrity experience meeting Wendi Cooper, the sensational host of @CSpotTalk. Our very own Ben Zifkin and Saul Colt were the featured guests on Wendi’s live radio show C Spot Talk Marketing Unfiltered hosted by herself and John Hamilton. Ben chatted about the power of craft brands taking over the market and all the opportunities coming with the new world of commerce.

You can catch the whole show online:

You should definitely tune in regularly as a brand owner looking for savvy marketing advice, in the meantime here’s a quick a soundbyte from Ben:

There’s a huge change in commerce right now around this concept of decentralization. If you’re a craft brand it’s wonderful to get into the targets and the wal-marts of the world, but there’s so many other places and marketplaces (Alibaba and eBay, Facebook buy buttons, the new Shopify Shop key etc). There’s so many other places that commerce is happening right now.

Big thanks to you Wendi and John for hosting Hubba! Watch the show

And another huge thanks to the outstanding customers we’ve met here in LA. More to come — including seeing a whole bunch of you at the Hubba party happening tonight at the Roxy on Sunset Blvd. Can’t make it out? Follow along on Twitter and say hi.