Hubba Book Launch: The Rise of the Craft Brands


A lot of unexpected things seem to happen when you run a company.  Writing a book happens to be one of them. I never planned to do so.

However, today, I am happy to announce the launch of The Rise of The Craft Brands (available on Amazon).

At Hubba, we are in a unique position to observe and participate in this new generation of commerce.  And as CEO of Hubba, I have the best seat in the house for this cataclysmic shift in the brand and retail world.

The Rise of The Craft Brand is my attempt to capture and make sense of this exciting, crazy and sometimes scary world based on our experiences working with tens of thousands of amazing companies in the Hubba community. I felt compelled to write this book as I watch brands and retailers, both big and small, struggle and question their next moves. Wrong decisions can easily spell doom while the correct strategic approaches could lead to unbelievable opportunities.

Better technologies, a hyper-educated and curious consumer, and new business models have left the landscape ripe for Craft Brands to flourish. Historically, only big brands could get to the gatekeepers for distribution. Now, with better access to Discovery to learn about brands, along with so many more channels (aside from a big retailer) to purchase goods, Craft Brands can break out of their niche market into the mainstream.

The Rise of The Craft Brands, discusses the changing world of commerce, the trends that are driving the future and dissects what makes a great Craft Brand:

  • Adopt New Business Models – Craft Brands can leverage new channels like direct to consumer and niche marketplaces
  • Poke The Bear – Craft Brands generally publicly challenge large, incumbent market leaders.
  • Add Value – Craft Brands try to do more than just sell you their product.
  • Create Community – Craft Brands amplify the connections within individual fans
  • Build On A Fanatic User Base – Craft brands generally start of in markets with individual users that have deep emotional connection to the industry or brand.
  • Assemble Lean Manufacturing – Craft Brands are nimble and can experiment with their product on relatively little capital
  • Differentiate Through Service – Craft Brands have a unique connection to their community by catering to them in impactful ways.
  • Drive a Mission – Craft Brands are great at cultivating a following on a core set of common beliefs and vision.

I hope that you enjoy the book and I look forward to discussing with you all.

I think that this is the most exciting time in Commerce. I am looking forward to continuing on this journey with you.