Hubba Founder and Other Leading Entrepreneurs On Funding Your Biz

Fresh off Hubba’s announcement that Goldman Sachs invested in our next round of funding, our fearless leader Ben Zifkin sat down with the Globe and Mail’s Small Business Cash Clinic to share some quick tips for raising money for your own innovative idea.

We know there are a tin of you out there looking to expand your product company, but are timid to reach out and pitch your idea to those with the means to help. “I still get nervous a lot. It’s a very difficult thing to raise money” Ben begins. “You’re never at a point where you’re like ‘Cool! I have all the boxes checked, everything is wonderful!’” and skip off to the VC’s office in complete confidence.

“You’re never sure if people are going to laugh you out of the room or if they’re going to carry you off on their shoulders and sing folk songs about you” Ben continues, smirking. “So it’s humbling, no matter what stage you’re at or how well you’re doing.”

The most important piece of advice? If you take one thing away from this video, know that “when you’re looking for a partner [like a VC], you’re looking for somebody who’s going to amplify your options versus constraining [them].”

“The best thing you can be as a founder is free.”

Check out the video for more tips on what Hubba founder Ben Zifkin, and other entrepreneurs Sharn Kandola and Ben Zlotnick have learned about raising venture capital.