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You spend a lot of time building an amazing product, making sure the packaging and retail price are just right and your customers love it. So how come the retailers you need to keep growing your business aren’t breaking down any doors to work with you?

When you want to make the switch from being a local brand to being picked up by a wholesaler or retailer, you need to think about and describe your products differently in order to get noticed.

In my webinar next week, I’ll be covering how to write a proper marketing description aimed at retailers. Believe it or not, this isn’t the same as the really awesome product descriptions you craft for consumers. I’ll have some real world examples of how to make your descriptions better as well as some insights on exactly what retailers are looking for in order to ensure you’re writing the best descriptions.

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As the Retail Industry Manager at Hubba, Phil is responsible for uncovering both emerging trends and insights that may impact businesses engaged in commerce. With 20 years of experience under his belt, Phil helps brands and retailers adapt to the the new realities of retail and the next generation of commerce. Phil is a frequent speaker at industry events in Canada and the US, across multiple verticals, and is a featured writer in trade publications such Retail TouchPoints, Pet Product News, BikeBiz, and more.