Welcome to Housewares and Home Accessories Launch on Hubba

It’s finally here! The whole Hubba office is humming about today’s launch of the Housewares category in Hubba. Without a doubt, when it comes to home accessories (and you bet that includes appliances, decor, furniture, lighting and more!), this is a fascinating category. Trends in this category can be surprising (who saw granny florals making a comeback?) and it means products are aggressively competing for market share and becoming more than a fad but an essential item for people’s lifestyle.

Shopping habits in this consumer category are interesting, in particular for the distinct likeliness for shoppers to research a product online before buying in-store. According to the Total Retail survey by PWC, 59% of buyers in this category made at least some or more of their purchases online, only 10% of buyers in this category did not do research before purchasing. What this tells us is that there’s a heck of a lot of pressure on the images and content you present online (we could tell you about a little thing called Hubba that helps streamline your content but you already know about that, don’t you?).

As a result we want to help debunk some of the myths that exist around competing on vital online channels like Amazon. We’ll be interviewing folks in the industry who will offer tried and true perspective on how Amazon really works and how to optimize your product. You’ll also want to stay tuned for the chance to hear from and connect with some of the smartest people in the industry and find out what buyers are really thinking about your products, and what kinds of trends are resonating with shoppers globally. In the meantime don’t wait to jump over to hubba to see the fantastic new product lines, with hundreds getting added daily (and don’t delay if your products aren’t on yet, a profile is easy and free to create, go ahead and try it!).

At Hubba we feel so lucky to encounter amazing brands every day, and even luckier when we can connect them to retailers seeking something special. To kick off Housewares in Hubba with a bang, we hand picked an incredible sampling of products to showcase this week and created fabulous collections that suit each section of a house, exactly as you’d feature in your store! We encourage you to draw from the product lists to inspire your beautiful retail displays and tempt shoppers to make each room of the home a paradise for goods possessing both style and function.