Wayfair Crushed Cyber Monday – Here’s Why it Matters to Craft Brands


Many stores can make their year on Black Friday weekend alone. With the addition of Cyber Monday, revenue records are being broken for home and housewares brands and retailers and that’s a great thing.

Wayfair’s major milestone 

The online home and décor retailer hit a major milestone this year when they saw a 52% increase year-over-year in direct retail gross sales over the five-day peak shopping period of Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday. The company is crediting this major milestone with their assortment expansion. The decision to launch this expansion was made only a week prior to Cyber Monday – the expanded selection featured seasonal décor with a variety of Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands and other holiday items. Wayfair also launched their “5 for $25 Ornament Shop” which allowed customers to select and create a customized ornament bundle from a variety of 9,000 holiday options, with guaranteed two-day shipping.  Other items that were top sellers included storage and organization items for the post-holiday cleanup.

A helpful case study

For independent home and housewares brands, Wayfair’s success is a helpful case study on what it takes to prepare for the holiday season, while expanding the possibilities when it comes to capturing viable revenue in just a few short days.

Here are a few ways independent brands can prepare for next year:

  • Increase budget for holiday items in store and online as many shoppers are looking for seasonal items starting in October through to the end of November. It’s also helpful to have holiday items on hand for last minute shoppers who may miss Black Friday/Cyber Monday and come looking for those items later;
  • Plan and create a specialty shopping opportunity for customers. Like Wayfair, get creative and offer opportunities for clients to customize their holiday orders online;
  • Create discount codes and offer free shipping for items purchased during the designated sale dates;
  • Promote, promote, promote! Use Social Media to promote sales and the special shopping opportunities (to all shopping age groups) available only Black Friday through Cyber Monday;
  • Reach out to Influencers and bloggers in the home and housewares industry and offer information on what’s being offered over the holiday weekend into Cyber Monday;
  • Ensure websites are mobile optimized and perhaps budget to create an app that will streamline your customer’s mobile shopping experience during such a hectic time of year when most people are on the go.

Just another [Cyber] Monday

After the holiday weekend, many people find themselves back at work on Cyber Monday. The tempo in offices after a holiday weekend is usually quiet, so this is where independent brands can catch their customers who may want to take more “breaks” in order to browse online throughout the day. All in all, investing in preparation and marketing for the holiday shopping frenzy can reward any independent brand with record-breaking revenue returns.

Jill England

Jill England

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