Top Trending Posts of Hubba’s House and Home Launch Week

This week we’ve introduced you to over 100 amazing brands in the House and Home Accessories category and we’re so happy we could showcase some of the best products on the market. By adding the Home and Houseware products section to the site, we’re able to broaden the types of products in the Hubba Discovery Network and help an ever increasing number of brands get discovered by leading retailers on the hunt for fab finds. If you aren’t signed in yet, don’t wait to start browsing Hubba today! There were a few distinct themes this week that reflect the trending topics of this industry category including how to succeed at selling on Amazon, the benefits of design-led marketing and product innovation.

Take a walk-through of the top performing posts of the week and be sure to check Liana’s List on Hubba to like and list these products for yourself:

#1 – A Day in the Life of a Retail Buyer

We traced the steps of one of our favorite buyers, Ashleigh Deline, who works at a much loved online retailer to find out how she takes products from concept to shelf. We follow her daily routine and bust the myths about cold calls, assortments and free shipping.

#2 Shop-Vac’s 5 Tips for Being a Housewares Heavyweight

How did a founder’s foresight into the need for a vacuum strong enough to tackle the floors of a workshop floor turn into such an enormous housewares brand? Shop-Vac shared their top 5 brand-building tips.

#4 – Must Have Brands Shoppers Will Love Buying for their Living Rooms 

If home is where the heart is, than the living room must be the soul. Buyers and retailers looking to keep their customers feeling centred in their living space should look into these brands and quick!

#3 – How Does Your Housewares Brand Stack Up Against Amazon FastMover Trends?

To begin cracking the Amazon code for product success means having the right performance data to assess what’s working. eComm expert Profitero analyzes product performance over time to produce a cumulative ranking of best-selling products called Amazon FastMovers – here’s some of the key takeaways from the data.>>

#5 – Differentiation Through Design: Stadler Form’s 4 Laws of Success

How does a high end housewares brand like Stadler Form use design to set themselves apart in a competitive market? By keeping style at the very heart of their brand. Stadler Form shares how they turned a design aesthetic into a brand vision, with great results.