Shop-Vac’s 5 Tips for Being a Housewares Heavyweight


Kleenex, Band-Aid, Ketchup, Shop-Vac – what do all of these products have in common? More than some would think! Manufacturing wet/dry vacuum cleaners and accessories for the past 40 years has put Shop-Vac squarely in the “Household Name” category. They’ve become known for their innovative, premium-quality products that are safe and effective to use for the consumer as well as industrial and commercial applications.

So of course, we had to ask – how did a founder’s foresight into the need for a vacuum strong enough to tackle the floors of a workshop floor turn into such an enormous housewares brand? We connected with Shop-Vac to learn their top 5 brand-building tips.

“We feel almost anyone could find valuable uses for our products, but our focus in the housewares market is the do-it-yourself homeowners. We have developed great relationships with our retail partners and we work together to reach our audience through in store POP, advertising and customer service.”

“Our company’s evolution has been inspired by the needs of our customers. Being 1st in the market we have been able to watch the progression of the wet / dry vacuum industry and see how the target demographic has grown. Now wet / dry vacs are being used in multiple areas of the home, by contractors and businesses. We have evolved and our products have evolved to meet the needs of the expanded demographic.”

“We are continuously focused on innovating and improving our products to meet our customer’s needs. We also stand behind our products and put our customers first.”

“Being the known brand is an incredible motivator and driving force. Customers have high expectations of brands that are considered household names. We continue to push ourselves to meet those expectations and to stay the household name for the industry.”

“Since we have been running this contest [on consumers’ most interesting uses for their vacuums] we have had some inspiring entries. But one that really hit home for Shop-Vac and was chosen as our March 2016 contest winner. The entry was from Sabrina who uses a Shop-Vac® wet/dry vac to clean up in her ceramics classroom. Shop-Vac got started in the classroom. The first Shop-Vac® vacuum cleaner was designed by Martin Miller, our company’s founder, to take the place of the broom and dust pan for cleaning wood and metal chips in the school’s workshop.”

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