Scandinavian Products Your Customer’s Will Swoon Over


When I think of Scandinavian design for homes, I think of all things modern: white walls, clean lines, natural textures, and a touch of quirk. But the style that seems so fresh and ‘of-the-moment’ has actually been around for decades. Emerging during the 1930s in Nordic countries and travelling west to North America by the mid-50s, this distinct style was born out of the desire to combine aesthetic and utility. There’s a lot more to minimalistic design than one might think. A product can look beautiful and cleanly designed, but it also must serve its purpose.

Check out and connect with these brands on Hubba who expertly pair form and function!

Stadler Form

Otto Wooden Fan

Designed by Carlo Borer for Stadler Form, Otto is an ultra-quiet, industrial-strength fan defined by elegance and craftsmanship. This fan is handcrafted from wood over a 21-hour process. The elemental quality of the wood in contrast to the industrial steel components creates an intriguing composition, making this piece stand out as a focal point in a contemporary space or as an eclectic staple among traditional décor.

Thing Industries

Sacrificial Chair

Like a lamb to the gods, give consumers this chair to sacrifice to their wardrobe. Designed to replace ‘that chair’ in a bedroom constantly covered in clothes, this is specifically designed for that purpose. Customers can feel good about their lazy habits.


Jupiduu Slide

The Jupiduu slide is designed for living spaces with a clean, distinct timeless Scandinavian look. This interior design piece is ideally suited for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, and living rooms.

Iris Hantverk

Shaving Kit

Add a touch of Scandinavian style and Swedish craftsmanship to consumers’ daily routine with this graceful shaving cup from Iris Hantverk. It comes complete with a curving concrete container, a badger hair and beech brush, and a bar of handmade cedar wood soap.