Pantone-Approved Spring Colors to Outfit Your Housewares Assortment With


Pantone’s done it again! To kick off this spring season, we’ve rounded up the official colors of spring (via the 2017 from Pantone® View Home + Interiors) to help you outfit your store’s assortment with housewares items your shoppers are certain to love.

“We are all familiar with consumers’ constant desire to see something new, yet they still want, in many cases, to have somewhat of a familiar comfort level,” said Eiseman. “We have to assess our customers’ aspirations by using credible forecasts as a guide to invigorated color design palettes that will inform and encourage new color directions. The question is: What can we do to tweak our color palettes to make consumers stop and take notice?”

Read on to know what color inspiration will take the home and housewares industry by storm this year (and which items on Hubba compliment them)!

Native Instincts. Mix and match copper tones and mineral hues with indigenous influences for a cultured, sophisticated look. Check out Rustica Hardware’s Sliding Barn Door to add a bit of texture to your assortment.

Florabundant. Florals are in and in a big way. Not just voluminous, intricate prints but rich, sumptuous hues, including Greenery 15-3043, Pantone’s color of the year. Platinum Décor’s Chair is the perfect addition to any shopper’s living room.

Acquired Taste. An eclectic mix of textures and colors, this palette is inspired by the sumptuous hues commonly found in artisanal foods like Mulberry, Brandied Melon and Pale Gold Accents. So Well Salt Lamps fits perfectly into this category, adding a glowing warm tone to any room.

Day Dreaming. A continuation of 2016’s pastel theme, this palette is a soothing combination of pinks, blues, yellow, and green for consumer looking for something a little more ‘zen’. Similarly, the At Ease palette adds a touch of gray for a more neutral, effortless feel. Bring your shoppers’ dreams into their morning routine with Chantal Corp.’s beautiful french press.

Forest Bathing. With an aim to transport the consumer to a calming and peaceful walk through the woods, this lush green and blue-green palette is inspired by the Japanese practice of “Shinrin-yoku” or forest bathing. For a splash of greenery in shopper’s every day, give them this gorgeous sofa bed made by Ecus.

Reminiscence. Speaking of being transported, this palette offers shades like Maritime Blue, Sepia Tint and Bird’s Egg Green to convey a message of nostalgia while still remaining fresh. Mirth Studio’s Antebellum flooring is the perfect addition to your kitchen or foyer assortment.

Raw Materials. Earth-loving consumers will love the natural tones of this health and wellness-inspired palette. And a Zephyr Pink brings an perky pop of color to keep things interesting. There’s no better way to honour the natural world than with Fire Pit Art‘s fire pit. Customer’s who entertain outdoors will love it!

Graphic Imprints. For the consumer looking for more of a bold impact, this palette begins with a black and white base and ends with a series of dazzling colors that can’t be missed. Divine Design’s Pouf is a perfect display of this trend (plus it’s so comfy, shoppers would be crazy not to want one of them).

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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