Keep Consumers Cozy with these Bedroom Basics


Wake up and smell the coffee, retailers!  On average, we spend 1/3 of our lives asleep. That’s a ton of quality time on some (hopefully) quality sheets. And while bedding may seem like the crown and jewel of bedroom sales, furnishings are never too far behind. After all, Americans spent about 94.9 billion U.S. dollars on furniture and bedding in 2013 alone! Don’t miss out – be sure your customers get the best rest possible with this collection of must-have bedroom supplies.

One Grace Place

One Grace Place sells baby & kids bedding, blankets, décor and more. Their collections are fun and colourful, just like kids!

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Plutus Brands

Plutus Brands bring love, positivity and joy into any room.

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Maxwood Furniture

Maxwood Furniture manufactures quality, solid hardwood children’s bedroom furniture.

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Encourage shoppers to go green in bed with BedVoyage.

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Sleep & Beyond

Sleep & Beyond Organics is one of the few direct manufacturers of luxurious certified organic bedding.

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Contour Products

Contour Products Inc., is a brand leader in the comfort solutions category.

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Print Arms

Print Arms sells smart, imaginative and poetic prints on cloth and paper.

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Jennifer Adams Home

Jennifer Adams Home is committed to providing you the softest and most durable microfibre linens.

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