Housewares Consumers Want More Experiential Stores – Here’s Why This Affects Brands


In today’s retail climate, consumers expect more out of their shopping experiences than just walking down an aisle, picking an item, waiting in a check-out line, and simply giving their money away. Whether online or in person, retailers must be willing to ‘wow’ their customers by going above and beyond to make their shopping experience special. Home and housewares shoppers especially crave these experiences, and subsequently, retailers want housewares brands like yours to help create them.

As HFN stated, “Ask most people why they shop so much online today and almost certainly two of the top answers would be poor in-store customer service and understaffed stores.” As a brand, being able to pitch your product to a potential retailer alongside an experience can make all the difference.

Consumers are moving away from in-store shopping due to how ‘boring’ it is, but if you’re able to make it possible for a retailer to create an experience for their customer that alleviates some of that boredom then you’ll stand out amongst the crowd.

The Luxe Home Appliances showroom in Toronto, Ontario, Canada can be seen as the perfect example of a brand giving retailers and shoppers alike an experience they’ll never forget. The brand allows retailers who carry their products to set up private dinners where a renowned Toronto chef creates a custom, three-course meal for three to five attendees (picked out of a pool of shoppers) inside of the state-of-the art Luxe Showroom. The Luxe brand’s entire line of products are available for the chef to demo for the guests while cooking. And of course, the shoppers that get to experience this are either in the process of making a purchase or interested in in making one. The showroom also doubles as an event space for product launches, learning sessions for retailers who want their staff educated on the products, or good old-fashioned “Thank You” parties for shoppers, retailers, and the press alike. Anyone who attends these events leaves with a smile on their face, a sense of connection to the brand, and – perhaps most importantly – zero buyer’s remorse for the money they spent (or will spend) on the products.

As a brand owner, following in Luxe’s footsteps may seem daunting, but what’s important to focus on is the experiential aspect of what Luxe does. There are many other ways brands of all sizes can create these experiences. For example, many craft brands will put together pop-ups at relevant events or spaces, and ply would-be customers with free samples and information, while garnering good will. The key is to think outside of the box and find a way to take your product and form an intrinsic link to a positive experience. It can be big or small, but just making that connection is sure to get your shopper’s attention. Not only does providing experiential experiences make you more attractive to potential customers, but it will make you a sure-thing for any retailers you want to take notice.

Dante Berardi Jr.

Dante Berardi Jr.

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Dante Berardi Jr.