Put These Products in Your Kitchen Display and Watch Your Shoppers Eat Them Up


Sleek, Stainless Steel and incredibly handy are just a few words we can use to describe the type of products these brands bring to the table. Whether your target demographic is comprised of foodies, shoppers on the go or simply those who love to eat, these brands have something for everyone.


1. Ergo Chef. The new shape of cutlery.
2. 3B Bags. 3B Bags provides virtually weightless and washable, mesh bags to eco-friendly shoppers and sellers, eliminating the need for harmful paper and plastic bags.
3. Chantal. Performs. Beautifully.
4. Eid Creations. Eid Creations offers pretty and fun tableware and party supplies specifically for Ramadan and Eid.
5. Fresh Sacks. The best quality biodegradable, scented disposal bag with the best customer service.
6. Eco-Bags Products. ECOBAGS®. Classic Styles. Responsibly Made. B Corporation certified. Cleaning up the planet one bag a time™
7. True Liberty Bags. True Liberty Bags, the original All-Purpose Home and Garden Bag, works great for cooking, freezing, preserving, odour-proofing, storing and much more.
8. WMF Americas. From preparing the meal to setting the table, WMF has all the products customers need to create the complete culinary experience.
9. Talking Tables. Party accessories, including table torpedo, small sparklers and posh party poppers.
10. Kishu Charcoal. Kishu Charcoal is the green way to filter tap water using a solid stick of the finest activated charcoal, made by artisans using ancient techniques.
11. Pura Stainless. No plastic. No safety concerns. The only 100% plastic-free bottle!
12. Swiss Diamond. Swiss Diamond is the #1 nonstick cookware and continues to impress customers.
13. Neev. Fine home furnishings, linens and clothing accessories – handcrafted, sustainable, ethical.
14. VitaClay Chef. Whether you are a vegan or not, the organic VitaClay® Clay Pot Rice Cooker Chef delivers the flavours you have always yearned for in a rice cooker.
15. Spectrum Diversified Designs. Innovative storage & organization solutions.
16. New Wave Enviro. New Wave Enviro is a family owned company, wholesaling environmentally friendly products since 1993.

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