Differentiation Through Design: Stadler Form’s 4 Laws of Success

How does a high end housewares brand like Stadler Form use design to set themselves apart in a competitive market?

Martin Stadler inadvertently founded a company when he wanted to buy an air humidifier but couldn’t find one that fulfilled his aesthetic and technical requirements. He decided to develop such a device himself and in the fall of 1999, he debuted the Fred humidifier which, to this day, receives great attention for its cool design. From that point on, Stadler Form has continued to develop and design air treatment products, from humidifiers to fans, aroma diffusers to space heaters, that not only look beautiful but perform well too.

Here Stadler Form shares how they turned a design aesthetic into a brand vision, with great results.

Law #1 – Strong Style Can Translate into Product Innovation

“Style is at the very heart of our brand. We believe in creating products that enhance the aesthetics of your space while at the same time enhancing the quality of your environment.

We believe that there is no need to sacrifice beauty for functionality and we strive to create products with both in mind. For example, this fall we will be launching our Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier. Every part of Eva is designed with the utmost attention to detail, from her sleek design to the innovative use of a built in hygrostat in the remote control that can read the humidity of the entire room, not just the space surrounding her. Our products become a part of the décor of your space, not something to hide behind the furniture.”

Law #2 – Responding to hot trends can create popular products

“Certainly the trend toward healthy living and the knowledge regarding how our environment affects all aspects of our lives, including sleep and productivity, has created a boom in the essential oil market. Consumers are looking for a way to use these oils in their homes and our aroma diffusers offer incredible functionality, modern design and beautiful colors that compliment any space. Our most popular product, our Jasmine Aroma Diffuser will be joined this fall with an innovative oscillating aroma diffuser, Julia, and a petite diffuser, Mia, which will offer the Stadler Form quality but with a smaller footprint.”

Law #3 – Reinforce your brand’s core values and guiding principles in every element of the product

“We want to improve and enhance the world of air treatment. We therefore develop lovable household appliances with an outstanding design. Our products are easy and intuitive to use and ensure efficient power consumption. New product developments always emerge from a personal need and we want to create elegant and useful roommates that enhance our wellbeing.”

Law #4 – Lead the industry by setting a high bar for innovation

“We find it very important for good ideas to be realized without any ifs, and or buts. We do not follow the strategies of other companies but focus on our strengths. We create products that we are convinced will fulfill our customers’ expectations, or even exceed them. Our communication is open and honest – we don’t want to hide anything and we are always open to suggestions of any kind from our consumers!”

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