7 Brands DIY Shoppers Need in their Garage Toolbox

The average consumer’s garage is home to many things; their cars, unwanted clutter, and for the average do-it-yourselfer, their toolbox. According to research conducted by the PWC, 39% of DIY-ers preferred to research their purchases online, while 36% said they’d rather do it in store. That’s no small amount and whether you’re an e-commerce retailer, run a traditional brick-and-mortar or both, these brands are compelling enough to land shoppers at your door or on your home page.


1. Artgoodies. Independently designed and made textiles since 2006.
2. J.T. Products. Quality, US manufactured, time-saving products for the DIY and professional.
3. Lockstraps. The first and only combination locking tie down lock straps!
4. Pinch-Not. Safety shields, bumpers, and blocks that will help keep your little ones fingers safe.
5. Rainguard. Waterproof and graffiti protection coatings, sealers and stains for wood, masonry, concrete and brick.
6. Wall Control. Wall Control is a family-owned and operated US manufacturer of high-quality, wall-mounted storage solutions that can be drop-shipped directly to end-users or purchased at wholesale in bulk.
7. Sugru. Sugru is mouldable glue that turns into rubber, invented to make fixing and making easy and fun.

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