Congratulations and Thanks to Brands and Retailers Participating in Hubba Health Week

To you, our beautiful brands, radiant retailers and interesting influencers, Hubba is so grateful. It was a pleasure to meet and highlight so many of you as some of the most interesting and talented folks in the Health and Wellness category. The innovation in the products we see in Hubba is staggering and we were blown away by the determination of folks in this industry.

Hubba CEO Ben Zifkin already flagged his favorite brand moments of the week, and he also remarked on the inventiveness and entrepreneurial dedication shown by product owners to give it all they got :

– The interview with REALthings meditation cushions showed how varied life experiences can culminate into a higher calling.
Whiskey, Ink and Lace told us about taking everything you love and melting it together to raise the bar for the quality of products in their category
– Olympic Medalist Brent Hayden shared inspiration about competing on the world stage and then digging down deep to take things to another level for a second act.

Here’s a few other of our faves from the week:

Retail Roulette: Hubba plays Cupid for brands and retailers, helping them get to know one another and see if sparks fly. Find out which brands Nancy Reagan of Bella Reina Spa would carry in her retail space. “When I saw this…I immediately wanted it. Who doesn’t want an organic toothpaste that actually works!

– Hubba health trendspotters are calling out the ingredients making a splash this year

– Sandy Braz of YOGA YOGA studio shared some of her insights about innovating and standing out in a competitive market like health.“I only sell products I use and have tested, so that I can share that brand’s story with confidence and honesty.”

– Health-conscious shoppers will love any of these healthy drink options and gluten-free natural foods

– Creator of Sexcereal, Peter Ehrlich, confessed that shaking up the industry is a critical part of inventing products people care about. “Store managers coming to trade shows knew it would draw attention, people eventually appreciated courage behind the brand.”

Thank you again to everyone who participated and stay tuned for more categories launching soon!