Sensational Supplements for Health-Focused Shoppers

Don’t despair if you’re not sure where to look amongst the abundance of supplements on the market. The Hubba health and wellness scouts have rounded up this collection of high quality natural supplements that customers love. Don’t wait to connect with these brands directly on Hubba to begin stocking them in your store.

American BioSciences is working with universities and research organizations around the world to bring new natural therapy options to American consumers, and the doctors and retailers who support those individuals. Their goal is to help people enhance their lives and health with the most effective, natural dietary supplements, supported by outstanding research.

Wampole is a pharmaceutical grade company offering a wide range of natural herbal and nutritional supplements and has been a health partner of Canadian families since 1893.

Master Supplements Inc. make powerful patented products that work for digestive health, that in many stores are ranked #1 or #2 on dollars and units sold.

Health Direct empowers people to take control of their health with a boutique selection of dietary supplements.

CeliVites is a line of superior highly absorbable, bio available gluten free vitamin and mineral supplements that support the healing process from gluten-induced injury, and provide nutritional balance to a gluten free diet.

ByPro Nutrition offers physician formulated solutions that work with your body to reduce pain and increase energy naturally.

Inspired Nutrition brings you the lowest cost monolaurin per serving (and the #1 addition to immune defense).

Gender-specific, doctor-formulated, premium natural health products from FemMed are non-GMO and free from gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, artificial colours and flavours, and suitable for vegetarians.

Bioenergy Ribose
You can push your body and your performance further with patented and clinically-proven Bioenergy Ribose, the secret to better energy.

Liver Medic formulates a product to address the root causes & symptoms in dealing with bodily toxins.


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