Retail Roulette: Find Out What Retailers Are Really Looking for in New Products

A typical day at Hubba involves playing Cupid for brands and retailers, helping them get to know one another and see if sparks fly. For our latest matchmaking mission, we flagged a handful of interesting new products that might appeal to one of our favorite Hubba retailers, Bella Reina, a boutique spa in Florida recently featured in the New York Times, People StyleWatch, The OutFit, and SheKnows among others. Creator and CEO Nancy Reagan is a discerning trendsetter and knows exactly what will resonate with her (equally discerning) customers. As part of Hubba Health Week (#HubbaHW) and shining a light on the amazing health and wellness brands in Hubba, Nancy reviewed a shortlist of product options and explains why she might select her top 3 favourite items to carry in her retail space. Read on to find out!

Whiskey, Ink & Lace Soap, Candles and Beard Oils
“The branding is so dead on great with this line of vegan soy candles, exotic soaps and scrubs. The products from Whiskey, Ink & Lace speak to their heritage with names that include Lumberjack and Whiskey whiskers. Add to that the popularity of beards, organic and vegan, which makes this brand a true winner. To top it off, they have products for our beloved doggies paws and a unique dry shampoo for dogs.”

Greensations Cocodent Coconut Oil Toothpaste
“When I saw this…I immediately wanted it. Who doesn’t want an organic toothpaste that actually works! Greensations Toothpaste is made with coconut oil and spearmint, the inventor is a genius as coconut oil is super popular today. You will have to get used to not squeezing a tube as you dip a spatula to use on your toothbrush. For those in hot climates you may want to refrigerate as coconut loves to melt in tropical climates.”

Bundle Organics Juices for Pregnant Moms and Nursing Moms
“Delicious and good for your baby? It doesn’t get any better than that. When you are pregnant there are so many things you cannot eat, that when you find something that tastes fabulous and it’s on the okay list….it is over the rainbow fabulous. Surprising that Bundle Organics is able to pack so many vitamins and good vegetables into one bottle. I really liked them super cold, but a friend of mine that is pregnant likes hers room temperature.”

Thanks for playing! To sum up these insights into key takeaways for brand owners:
 Tip #1: Crush your branding. Don’t skimp on storytelling and jumping on recent trends (ex: beard mania!)
Tip #2: Aim to create immediate emotional reaction with novelty and product quality
Tip #3: Legitimately solve a problem people experience using products today to blow away the competition

Chime in the comments – what do you do to set your brand apart?