We are so happy to kick off our third post in the Featured Brand series! In case you missed it, in the past we have featured Enjoy Life Foods and Matter Company. Two awesome brands who are killing it on Hubba. The competition was fierce for who to select as this month’s featured brand but Salazon Chocolate Co. came out on top and we are excited to share their incredible brand story with you.


About Salazon Chocolate Co.


Salazon CayenneIt was on a backpacking trip that Salazon Chocolate Co. was born out of the desire for the perfect energy food. Knowing that dark chocolate is a great super food, Salazon founders visited organic cacao farms in the Domincan Republic, honed their recipe and launched the first salted chocolate brand on the market.


Salazon’s chocolate bars are made from 100% organic, single-origin and Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified beans in the USA. To top it off, every single chocolate bar is hand-sprinkled with the perfect amount of solar-evaporated natural sea salt. Talk about attention to detail.


Undoubtedly one of the coolest things about Salazon Chocolate is they are avid supporters of the great outdoors and have even sponsored hikers of the Pacific Crest Trail.



How Salazon uses Hubba as their single source of truth

We spoke to Tom Barnes, the marketing and operations manager, and he said that getting his products setup on Hubba was ‘quick and easy.’ Even though Salazon manually inputted all of their product info rather than using the import tool, it still took less than an hour to complete their product listings.


Salazon Chocolate - Point of Sale


Salazon not only stores their chocolate bars in Hubba but they also keep wholesale information, demo support for tradeshows and events, as well as point of purchase content.  In ‘demo support’ they house demo kit powerpoint files, tent card images and more. In wholesale information, Salazon includes sell sheets and fact sheets. This is a fantastic way to set up your retailers or distributors up for success. Equip your sellers with all things necessary for them to better sell and market your products.




Making product pages that shine


Salazon has loaded their entire product catalogue on Hubba and we have to say it looks awesome! They are consistent with their profile images and add a ton of content to each product page.


Salazon Chocolate Products   Salazon Chocolate Product Page


Using Hubba as a sales outreach tool


We asked Salazon Chocolate what they typically use Hubba for and where they see the most value from using the network and here’s what they had to say,


“We use Hubba to keep accounts updated on new developments and to make sure that all files and product information are readily accessible. We’ve even used Hubba to perform outreach. We send email blasts through Hubba to accounts that visit our booth at trade shows. Most recently we messaged accounts before and after Expo West to remind them to visit and as a follow-up.”


Cutting back on emails sent back and forth for product requests


No one likes to resend that one product image or logo to a buyer that has been sent that same image at least ten times before. We are huge fans of efficiency and cutting down on emails sent back and forth. We asked Tom how Hubba has helped him and his team cut down on emails and he said,


“We’ve cut back on emails for product-related requests. It’s much easier to refer accounts to Hubba than to exchange emails with attachments, Dropbox links, or Google Drive files. This way, they see everything in one place and when they inevitably need something else, it’s already available to them without the need for further requests.”


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