Hubba Launches the Health and Wellness Category with a celebration of top brands and retailers

Even though Valentine’s Day is still a week away, the Hubba team is bursting with love right now. Today, one of our favorite industry categories is launching on Hubba and we couldn’t be happier to see the huge range of Health and Wellness products streaming in.

To celebrate this milestone we will be going all out to highlight the most interesting brands and retailers that caught our eye. This particular industry has experienced steady growth in the last decade, responding directly to consumers becoming increasingly attentive to health concerns and overall wellness. The industry responded to the demand with incredible innovation and diversity of product offerings in everything from alternative protein powders to tasty all natural drinks, paleo-friendly snacks, specialized supplements, homeopathic remedies and much more. There have been notable inventions in nearly every subcategory! Just look at this roster of brands involved in Health and Wellness Week – wowzers.

Without further ado, may the Health and Wellness folks enjoy the spotlight this week. We plan to showcase nearly a hundred brands and hear directly from some of the leaders in the space, some radical trendsetters and niche retailers. No question you should also explore the range of products on Hubba and log in to be sure to give love to your fave items by simply clicking the heart icon, or make a list of the ones you want to save for later (here’s how easy it is to make lists). And hey, if you’re a retailer keen to start carrying some of these products, don’t delay in joining Hubba so you can connect directly with the brands you like and receive curated lists of items uniquely selected for your store.

So stay tuned for original Health and Wellness content right here on our blog, or follow the fun on Twitter using the hashtag #HubbaHW. Catch you on the flip side,

xo Amanda

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