Influencer Insider: Wholehearted Eats Blogger Sophie Mackenzie on Superfoods and Healthy Eating Myths


By now you know we’ve chatted with a few Industry Influencers for our upcoming Hubba magazine. So far, we’ve gotten some great insider tips and even greater advice on the Health and Wellness space. This week, popular food blogger Sophie MacKenzie dishes on her favorite superfoods, common misconceptions about healthy eating and how her blog, Wholehearted Eats, got started.

Hubba: How did the idea of Wholehearted Eats come about?

Sophie Mackenzie: It started 3 years ago when I and was working full time at an organic bakery but had a lot of extra time on my hands. I had a couple of friends who were bloggers who inspired me to start experimenting with blogging about food and so I just started sharing more about all the recipes and ingredients I was experimenting with. [That] grew into what Wholehearted Eats is today.

H: Are there any interesting trends you have noticed in healthy eating lately?

SM: Lately, I’ve been loving turmeric, ginger, lime and orange. I put fresh turmeric in drinks, it’s anti-inflammatory and helps circulation.

H: Do you see any common myths or misconceptions about healthy eating?

SM: People think cooking for themselves is too time consuming but people would be surprised how easy it is to cook something like quinoa. They might just be too intimidated by something they don’t know. I really enjoy showing people how easy it is to make something healthy and nourishing for themselves that they can also feel good about.

H: Do you use superfoods in your recipes? What do you like to use and why?

SM: Superfoods is such a broad category, it’s one of those things that means nothing and everything at the same time. I really like chia seeds and hemp hearts. Most of them come from Canada and it’s nice to support vendors. They fill you up, are a great source of fiber and are good to bake with – you can even use them to make fake eggs. I love to sprinkle hemp hearts on everything, they taste nutty and earthy and are also a great source of omegas.

H: What would you say is the most important thing to look for when buying a healthier alternative for a packaged snack?

SM: Something with a simple list of ingredients. It doesn’t necessarily have to be organic, as long as it’s natural. In terms of packaged snacks, I like rice cakes and coconut bacon snacks from Hippie Snacks and kettle chips are a guilty pleasure.