Influencer Insider: Olympic World Champion Brent Hayden on How He Stays Competition-Ready


We’ve been catching up with some Influencers for our upcoming print edition magazine (announcement coming soon!) to get some invaluable insight on the Health and Wellness space through their expert eyes. This week, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2007 World Champion and now founder of athletic apparel brand, Astra Athletica, Brent Hayden shares his tips and tricks for staying competition-ready at all times.


Hubba: From a nutritional perspective, what do you do to get the most out of your strength training? 

Brent Hayden: Before training, [I like to eat] a toasted bagel with peanut butter and banana slices and a protein shake (30 grams). The carbs in the bagel give my body the needed energy to go 2 full hours in the gym and the protein in the bagel, peanut butter and shake give my muscles the much needed protein after a long sleep. This also helps jumpstart my fat burning metabolism early. I’ll also take a scoop of creatine and glutamine 30 minutes prior to my workout.

During training, I like to use a BCAA intra-workout mix in my water. This helps sustain my energy throughout my workout as well as prepare my muscles for maximum protein synthesis afterwards. And it tastes good!

After training, I’ll take 30 grams of protein. I prefer a multi stage release protein and I start sipping on it before I leave the gym. Ultimately, I try to have my protein shake consumed within 20 to 30 minutes after working out.

H: Considering you’re on a strict athletic diet, what are some healthy packaged snacks you might pick up on the go?

BH: There are a lot of healthy options you can grab on the go. Having a bag of mixed unsalted nuts is pretty normal for me. A couple of boiled eggs as well. Also, packing a banana (which is packaged by mother nature herself!) is super easy. Throw in a cup of unflavoured Greek yogurt and I’m all set! Ultimately, I try to stay away from packaged foods that are either greasy or sugary.

H: What are some of your top Sports and Nutrition resources, publications and/or blogs?

BH: I’ve found a lot of useful articles from a lot of different places but my favourites are Men’s Health and Dr. Mercola. Just make sure [whatever the publication is] it is a credible source.


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