Influencer Insider: Industry Guru Mark Sisson on What’s Next for Health and Wellness


We recently caught up with Health & Wellness Influencer Mark Sisson for our upcoming print edition magazine (keep your eyes peeled for an announcement!). Influencers like Mark have their finger on the pulse of the industry. Read on for his thoughts on what’s next for the Health & Wellness space.


Hubba: Are there any interesting trends you are seeing in the health and wellness space recently?

MS: Bone broth and collagen are pretty hot now, and ketogenic diets seem to be picking up speed.

H: Are there any products or product categories in the market you feel is misguiding consumers when they are trying to make healthy choices?

MS: “Fat free” and “low fat” are two that come most prominently to mind. Typically, unless you’re talking about the produce aisle, they just mean “high in sugar.”  

H: What advice would you give a first time founder of a Health and Wellness brand before they launch?

MS: First, regardless of how passionate and knowledgeable you are about your product or your industry, be sure there’s actually a real, potentially long lasting business there before investing time and money.  

Secondly, brand equity is everything in starting a business these days. It’s very difficult to compete on price or margin alone, especially in commoditized products, so you need to offer something no one else can offer and then establish credibility and trust with your customers.

H: As an influencer in the Health & Wellness space, I’m sure there are many brands and retailers that want to partner with you. How do you cut through the noise and figure out who to work with?

MS: I typically ask, “Is this a product or service that I would use myself, or is it something I wish I had come up with myself?” If the answer is yes, I will probably find a way to work with it.

H: How do you leverage and turn your social following into driving sales for your brand while still maintaining their trust?

MS: I give out tons of free advice and resources because I believe deeply in what I talk about. If people want to hop on board and buy something from me as a result, great. If not, also great. There’s really no trick other than authenticity. I won’t make, advertise or support anything that I don’t completely believe in. My social followers know that, so when I support something, they’ll simply give it a fair shot if it interests them or won’t if it doesn’t.

H: Do you think the paleo movement is here to stay or is it just a fad?

MS: I think the ‘clean food and healthy living’ movement is here to stay, whether it keeps the name paleo or not.


Be sure to connect with Mark on Hubba and check out his line of paleo products, Primal Kitchen!