Health Retailer Insights: What Makes You Reject A Product?

We put the question to Hubba Retailers familiar with stocking health products: when considering a new product to carry, what do you look for and what triggers that “Wow, I have to work with this vendor” type response? Hear from them directly on out what convinces them to carry a product and what makes a buyer turn and run.

Christine Gozlan,  Essential Health Foods
“We are after results in our store, therefore we will scrutinize the ingredients of the presented product to determine if it is suitable for our store.”

Franklin Moses, Augustus Enterprises
“When looking for new vendors or products we look for products and manufacturers that have a proven track record for providing pure products with ethical manufacturing processes.  Quality, freshness, and philosophy of the company is what we look for.”

Mudit Rawat, Urbery:
“In our business model we pick directly from retail stores and do not stock inventory. What is important to us is to make sure we have all the right online brand assets for the brands that are listed in major grocery stores in Canada. 

We like products that are relevant to our customer base (millennials, young families, corporate offices). Usually if products don’t have good images, we notice our customers do not add those products to their cart.”


Thanks to our retailers!

Essential Health Foods specializes in personalizing all formulations of herbal tinctures, nutritional powders or homeopathic preparations according to symptoms and conditions. The store carries an enormous variety of health products: bio-dynamic/organic food, supplements for all age groups, skin care, hair care and sport nutrition.

Augustus International Enterprises, has been working in international markets to bring health and wellness products to the rest of the world. AIE works to find unique products that are natural in healing and therapy, and that have been long known in the health and ayurveda world as effective products for many.

Urbery is an on-demand grocery and alcohol shopping and delivery web platform and mobile app. Customers can use Urbery’s iOS mobile app or the web platform and choose from over 7,000 everyday grocery and alcohol items products. Once an order is placed, the order is routed to a crowd sourced personal shopper, Grocery Guru, who shops for customers order and delivers it right to their doorstep.