8 Gluten-Free Natural Foods for Health Conscious Shoppers

To kick off day 2 of #HubbaHW, Hubba scouts hunted down the tastiest items available for the natural food pantry. These items are exceptional choices for the discerning shopper seeking healthy alternatives to conventional baking ingredients without sacrificing quality or flavour (and in most cases, enhancing it!).


1. Dove’s Farm offers distinctive and delicious organic treats and flour free from gluten, milk, peanut, egg and soya.
2.Blends by Orly custom gluten-free flour allows you to make any of your favorite recipes by replacing the wheat flour with one of the Orly’s quality blends.
3. Namaste Foods makes delightful cake, cookie and pancake mixes free from the top 8 allergens and completely gluten-free.
4. Salazon chocolate bars are made from 100% organic, single-origin and Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified beans in the USA. Knowing that dark chocolate is a great super food, Salazon founders visit organic cacao farms in the Domincan Republic, honed their recipe and launched the first salted chocolate brand on the market.
5. Whatever your passion, fuel it with Salba Chia, the most powerful chia seeds on the planet!
6. Hippie Butter offers a full-line of gourmet, hemp seed foods and body care products offering superfoods for super Families! Products are non-GMO, vegan friendly and “Mom-approved.”
7. Did you know the tiger nut is a small root vegetable, not a nut?  Organic and non-GMO verified, Organic Gemini creates a special tiger nut oil, raw snack, flour and granola with this emerging superfood.
8. The body can get help healing itself with natural and organic nutritional blended products from Prescribed For Life, a brand bringing to market unique products like mineral powders, organic chia seas and coconut shell activated charcoal powder.

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