Does eBay Matter in the Health and Wellness Industry?


Health & Wellness is a very expansive and lucrative industry. For example, buyers seeking out organic products has quadrupled in the last 10 years. Many new, smaller brands stepping into the arena with local, organic and wholesome Health & Wellness products are looking for places to launch or sell their product, opening a new window of consumers for e-commerce. As a pioneer, can eBay continue to be ahead of the pack with this growing industry?

eBay is known as a place to find almost anything. With the Health & Wellness industry growing so fast, how is eBay faring in drawing new consumers (vendors) of this particular industry to their site?

What’s eBay been up to?

eBay is a pioneer for e-commerce. It inspired sites such as Amazon to entice sellers and buyers with the ability to list or purchase anything from electric toothbrush replacements heads to organic dog food. Within the last 10 years, competition in the e-commerce space has grown and eBay’s “auction” business model has transitioned from auction, to online flea market, to now more of a retailer presence, as they dabble in creating brands of their own to be sold on their site. eBay even jumped on to the pop-up shop bandwagon, offering products with fixed prices via QR code, with pop-ups in Toronto, Canada and New York City. With so much available on the site, eBay is shaking off its old reputation, and has re-introduced themselves as competition to Amazon, Wal-Mart and other e-commerce sites hosting a wide variety of sellers and their products.

eBay Moves from auctioneer to retailer

The transition for eBay has been evident for those paying attention. As eBay adapts a more Amazon-like business outline, Health & Wellness can be a great place for eBay to expand and also for smaller brands to place their products as currently eBay has 164 million active users, worldwide.

Reaching all new demographics

Some millennials may still think of eBay as something their parents used to purchase discount or used items from online. Also, the idea of auctioning may turn off the newer generation, who prefer to jump online, purchase and be done. The addition of the Buy It Now button helped users gain purchase power to make quick purchasing decisions. Health & Wellness on eBay is extensive with products varying from vitamins, books, and accessories (back stretchers, motion sickness bracelets), to organic powder supplements and massage tables. There is even a new Sexual Wellness option on the site that launched in May 2016. As eBay continues to advertise their rebrand, Health & Wellness can bring many new buyers, as 60% of millennials look for organic, non-gmo or cruelty free brands and products.

Connecting to today’s consumers

Over 86% of the items listed on eBay are now at a fixed price and most are new rather than used. They’ve added personalized recommendations based on prior purchases, and new features to help sellers respond to demand. A social media campaign, starring Karlie Kloss, has even been launched – it it, the supermodel is seen using eBay’s new virtual voice assistant that works within Facebook’s Messenger App to help narrow down her purchasing options.

Jill England

Jill England

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