Delicious Health Food Snacks and Ingredients Customers Crave

Healthy snacks, protein bars and granola are on a huge upswing in popularity among sporty shoppers and for anyone wanting to grab a nutritious bite on the run. To celebrate #HubbaHW, we rounded up these items that are key for the cupboard or the gym bag and what consumers are craving any time of the day. To start carrying them in your store just hop on over to Hubba to get in touch with the brands directly.

Ricebliss is ready-to-eat, delicious whole grain food made with organic brown rice created by two sisters. Delicious cold or heated, it makes a great new option to yogurt, cereal, energy bars, and oatmeal.

Irresistible Paleo Superfood Bar from Paleo Simplified offers a real food, gluten-free way to fuel your body the way it was meant to be fuelled.

The Paleo movement has exploded over the last few year so to help your store get in on all the paleo profits, the Paleo People delicious Fruit & Nut Cluster snack line won’t disappoint.

Delicious, nutritious, and delightfully different from the rest of the baked goods pack, carrying Paleo Eats in your store, gym, business or school gives people what they’re hungry for.

OSTRIM is a sports nutrition meat snack. OSTRIM high-protein meat sticks are USDA inspected, guaranteeing you a true and correct nutritional profile of quality and wholesomeness including a good source of potassium and iron.

Ojio offers the best choice of high quality healthy foods, nurtured from most mineral-rich and nutrient dense area in the world including plant based sports nutrition, high quality coconut oils and a soy-free alternative to soy sauce.

Kalona SuperNatural is minimally-processed, non-homogenized,USDA certified organic dairy products and are among the most natural and nutritious dairy products on the market. The milk comes from small, sustainable farms with average herds of 35 cows and the milk is processed at the lowest temperature possible to deliver products in their most natural state to ensure the products are as fresh as they taste.

Holy Crap really works! The humorous name grabs attention and the delicious taste and benefits creates regular customers.

2Degrees is small food company with a big mission to end childhood hunger. For every bar you buy, they feed a hungry child. Their bars are equally as simple and wonderful: they take a handful of healthy, gluten free and vegan ingredients, mix them in a bowl, and shape them using magic into delicious, nutritious snack bars.

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